“If I had nine of my fingers missing, I still wouldn’t type any slower”

Mitch Hedberg

You can’t predict the future, but you can take certain steps to prepare for the unexpected. Life, as we know, can change in an instant. Hopes, dreams, and goals do not have to be destroyed by unexpected medical events.

Total Permanent Disability Insurance is about protecting you and your family’s future in the event you are unable to work in your current role ever again, as the result of an unexpected injury or illness. 

Permanent Disability can result in several issues. There is of course the financial consequence of not being able to perform your occupational duties ever again. There is also the potential of increasing the cost of maintaining a lifestyle for you and your family.

Total Permanent Disability provides a lump sum payment that can help provide you and your family with a cushion of money. Allowing you time to adapt and potentially pivot to a new life, and new goals, or allowing you to maintain and continue towards your old goals. 

A lump sum could help pay mortgage costs, medical costs or even home modifications if required. 

A lump-sum payment can also help you learn/study/trade in a new field that your education, training, or experience makes you suited for. A builder who suffers serious hand injuries may no longer be able to build, but could they be retrained as a project manager/consultant? Permanent Disability does not need to be the end of life’s journey that it perhaps could have been.

There are various options for structuring your Total Permanent Disability Insurance. The Insurance Basket will take the time to understand your situation, so we can match you with the appropriate cover for your situation.