About The Insurance Basket

Advice costs nothing, yet it could mean everything to you, your family or your business. 

The Insurance Basket philosophy is a simple one. Every dollar of insurance cover that you have, should serve a specific purpose. You should not have a penny more than you need or a penny less. 

What is it that you want? What are your priorities? We are all different. At the “Basket” we are here to advise. Your basket should be balanced and easy to carry. We keep it straightforward, simple, and most importantly understandable.

About Me

I understand the unexpected nature of life’s “Moments of Truth.” Almost two decades ago I arrived on these shores, from a grey and murky London, ready to enjoy a twelve-month tour of this gorgeous country. Well, I’m still here!. Then came marriage, homeownership, and kids. I am proud to call New Zealand Home (although I still like to get back to London and Ireland to visit with my family).

After five years working in Special needs education, I found myself through a simple twist of fate, spending the Summer at Sovereign Insurance. It was only supposed to be for the summer! Fast Forward sixteen years and I’m proud to own and operate The Insurance Basket. Providing quality advice to Kiwis all over the country.

Seeing the promise of a claim come to fruition, is what this role is all about for me. Watching insurance in action is incredibly powerful, and meaningful for any good adviser. This is why it is so important that every client interaction be the same as what I would want for my wife and children from the first appointment, through to a claim.

Frequently Asked


What it is that you want? What are your priorities? We are all different. At The Basket, we are here to advise.  Your basket should be balanced and easy to carry.

We can shape and mold any financial solution to fit your basket.

Do you work for insurance companies?

No. The role of an independent adviser is to advocate for you. I work for you the client. I am not under any obligation to provide any particular Insurer with your business.

What experience do you have?

I have completed the Level 5 National Certificate in Financial Services. I have also worked in the insurance profession since 2005. I have been the director and senior adviser here at The Insurance basket since 2017.

What Services do you offer?

I provide personalised advice that takes into account your individual circumstances to determine the personal risk products that best meet your personal goals and needs.

I’ve had previous medical issues, will this prohibit me from applying for cover?

Not necessarily. People are often too quick to assume the door is closed. This is why we go through an underwriting process, to understand what is available to you.

What happens if I need to claim?

It is very important that you know we are here to help. Even if you’re not sure you have a claim, call me. I’ll take you through the process, and support you each step of the way.

What is the right amount of Life Cover?

There is no right or wrong answer. We are all different, what you want to protect against might be different to what I do. An Advice meeting will raise questions you had perhaps not thought about. This will help you understand what is, and what isn’t important to cover.

Can I Insure my Income?

You can. There are several different types of Income protection. Understanding your working situation is crucial when ensuring that your income cover works for you at claim time. Some are offset by ACC, others not. You can insure 75% of income, which is taxable, or 62.5% of your income, which is an agreed amount, taxi paid.

Is my Insurance “locked in”?

No. This is not like a fixed contract with your gym. You can make alterations at any time with a signed request from the policy owners. If looking to increase/add new covers or reduce waiting periods, this requires underwriting.

How do I stop the premium from getting too expensive?

There are options to “Fix” the price of certain insurance premiums. This is called “Levelling” cover for a set term.

How much does your service cost?

There is no charge to you, from me, for the advice service. Many advisers are paid a commission by the insurance company.