“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”


It is often said that your greatest asset, is your ability to earn. Your truly greatest asset is your good health. Good health allows you to rise each day and go about your business. Good health allows you to continue to enjoy your lifestyle, as well as your friends and family. 

Private Health Insurance takes care of your medical bills and provides you with faster access to the medical care that fits your needs. 

The public health system in New Zealand, along with ACC does a great job of looking after you in the event of an urgent/acute medical situation. Where you can run into problems, is when you must rely on the public system for conditions that are non-urgent or non-accidental, these can result in long waiting lists and delayed treatment. 

Private Health Insurance is there to help remove worry around unexpected medical bills and focus on getting the right treatments to help aid your recovery sooner. 

The worry of costs for specialist consultations, and diagnostic testing, will prevent many from seeking the right treatment, which could literally be life-changing. The same concerns apply to the acquisition of Private Health Insurance, but with multiple excess options, and various ways you can choose to cover your health, there are many affordable options to protect you and/or your family’s health.

Private Health Insurance also provides you with access to often lifesaving/life-extending non-Pharmac funded treatments (“non-Pharmac funded” means the Government does not pay for it or subsidize it). 

There are various options for structuring your Private Health Insurance. The Insurance Basket will take the time to understand your situation, so we can match you with the appropriate type of Private Health Insurance for your situation.