“Being Sick can seem like fun and games…until you don’t live with your mum anymore”


It seems that there is no cheating, no outrunning it, and no hiding. Time catches up with us all. Life Insurance is all about ensuring, that the world you would like to create & build for those you leave behind, can be financed. 

Perhaps you’re wanting to pay off the mortgage or other outstanding liabilities, for your family and/or dependants. Some folks like the peace of mind in knowing that any final funeral/legal costs are taken care of. There are those who want to leave a legacy for children. If you’re not a native Kiwi, where will your final resting place be? If it’s overseas who will pay for repatriation. If it is to be here, what costs will family overseas incur coming to New Zealand?

Life Insurance is a Lump sum of money that will payout to your beneficiaries or your Estate upon death, or the diagnosis of a Terminal Illness.

It can also be a monthly payment to your family, for a nominated number of years, instead of a lump sum. Or a combination of both.

Not commonly known by the public, but it is possible to fix the premium of one’s Life insurance, to ensure the premium does not increase as one ages. Understanding how your benefit should be structured to fit your needs is why professional advice is so important.

There are various options for structuring your Life Cover Insurance. The Insurance Basket will take the time to understand your situation, so we can match you with the appropriate type of Life Insurance for your situation.